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Welcome to the Ethernut Project

If you think the Internet is World Wide Web and email only, you will miss the exciting world of Embedded Ethernet Devices. How about controlling and monitoring your electronic devices from any place in the world, directly, without using a PC? Whether it's a simple LED, a complex robot or your complete home:

Ethernut can do it!

This is an Open Source Hardware and Software Project for building tiny Embedded Ethernet Devices.


Several Open Source Reference Designs are available, based on 8-bit AVR as well as ARM7 and ARM9. All schematics and the CAD data are published as Open Source Hardware and may be freely used for private or commercial purposes. More...


The target software is an Open Source implementation of a Real Time Operating System called Nut/OS and a TCP/IP protocol suite named Nut/Net. Several application examples are provided, including an embedded Webserver, a simple RS232 to TCP/IP gateway and an Internet Radio playing MP3 streams. More...


The GNU cross compiler toolchain is a collection of free programming tools, which can be used to create Nut/OS firmware binaries for AVR and ARM targets on a PC running Linux, Windows or Mac OS X. The ImageCraft IDE for Windows is a low cost, commerciallly supported alternative. More...

What's new?

You can find an initial Git repository in the download area.

A new Nut/OS beta version 5.2.4 is available in the download area.

A new Nut/OS beta version 5.2.2 is available in the download area.

The latest Linux packages of Nut/OS were incomplete. Check for an update in the download area.

The latest Nut/OS betas were not complete. Check for an update in the download area.

A short guide explains how to build Nut/OS for the Ethernut 5 board.

A new beta version 5.2.1 of Nut/OS is available in the download area.

Ethernut 5 Linux support is moving from Ångström distribution to the Yocto Project.

Added a first few notes and links about Transport Layer Security.

The new major stable release 5.1 of Nut/OS is available in the download area.

A new beta version 5.0.5 of Nut/OS is available in the download area.

Two new pages describe SPI and memory card support for the Elektor Internet Radio board.

A new tutorial explains how to configure OpenOCD for the AT91SAM7SE.

The MicroHTTP library is explained on several new pages.

A new bugfix release 4.10.3 (stable) and a new beta 5.0.4 of Nut/OS are available in the download area.

The document that explains how to build an Ethernut 5 board support package has been updated with Linux kernel 3.2.9.

A first release of the Linux kernel 3.2.9 for Ethernut 5 is available in the download area.

Linux support for Ethernut 5 has been updated.

Some new pages explain ARM Cross Development with Eclipse in a more general way.

Documentation of the Turtelizer had been updated.

Two new document explain source code debugging on Ethernut 5 and the Elektor Internet Radio.

A new document describes Ethernut 3 Source Code Debugging with Eclipse and OpenOCD.

The new stable release 4.10 of Nut/OS is available in the download area.

A new document has been started, which should help to port Nut/OS to new platforms. See its current status.

A first release candidate of the upcoming Nut/OS version 4.10 is available in the download area.

The documentation about the Ethernut 5 boot loader had been extended by a new page titled Ethernut 5 U-Boot Environment. Furthermore, the download area offers a new Linux kernel release.

Another new page shows how to build an Ångström Distribution for Ethernut 5.

A new page explains how to boot Ethernut 5.

Added NutDAC to the appliances page. It is a great software system, which helps to create generic embedded real time data acquisition and control applications that can be remotely controlled from a PC.

The boot loader for Ethernut 3 had been updated. The archive is available in our archive. The page Ethernut 3 JTAG will explain the update procedure.

The Nut/OS Programming Style Guide has been updated.

The document about Setting up PPP has been updated.

A bugfix release of Nut/OS 4.8 is available in the download area.

The list of compatible boards had been updated.

A bugfix release of Nut/OS 4.8 and a new beta release 4.9 are available in the download area.

On this year's ElektorLive! event, which takes place on Nov. 20th, 2010, we will present the Fischertechnik Factory.