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Developer Tools

The Nut/OS Configurator, an easy to use graphical interface is available for the three major PC operating systems to adapt Nut/OS to special requirements with just a few mouse clicks.

Nut/OS Configurator running on Linux
Nut/OS Configurator running on Windows
Nut/OS Configurator running on OS X

Application development is done on a PC in the C programming language, using a so called cross toolchain. Additional hardware and/or software is needed to upload the Nut/OS application to the target board via in-system programming.

Binaries of the AVR and ARM toolchains are available for Debian GNU/Linux®. Furthermore, we present step by step instructions for building these toolchains from the latest source code packages. More...

Michael Fischer's YAGARTO is the recommended toolchain for 32-bit ARM targets. When creating applications for the 8-bit AVR, the developer can choose at least between two different development environments, the freely available WinAVR and the commercially supported ImageCraft Compiler with its integrated development environment. More...

Recent installable binary packages are not available for OS X®.

Building AVR and ARM toolchains from source code packages works similar as under Linux and is explained on this page.

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