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Nut Programmable Logic

This tutorial explains how to create a new CPLD contents for the Ethernut 3 Board. Not sure what this means? Well, beside the fact, that Ethernut Boards are tiny Embedded Ethernet Systems, Ethernut 3 is also a Programmable Logic Device with an integrated TFTP Bootloader. It enables you to design logic circuits and implement them in real hardware without touching your soldering iron. The circuit description is instead uploaded to the Ethernut board via TFTP (a well known IP protocol) over Ethernet and programmend into the on-board CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device). Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Let's go for it.

Step 1: Set up the Development Environment.

Step 2: Create A New ISE Project.

Step 3: Build the ISE Project.

Step 4: Verilog Source Explained.

Step 5: Use the XSVF Executor.

Step Back: Trouble Recovery.

Step On: Further Readings.